Do You Have The Soft Touch?

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Adding an accent rug to your home will not only bring out the warmth in your room, it will add a soft touch to your homes décor.  If your room is a neutral colour, then why not add a bold pattern or colour to the room to give you the wow factor.  If your furniture or room already has bright walls opt for a relatively neutral  colour to tone down the design.  Consider your rug as artwork for the floor. You may choose a colour from the rug to paint the walls or for accent pillows to tie the look of the room together.

Size matters-how many times will home owners choose a rug that is either too big or small for a room? There are a few simple guidelines for choosing rugs to add to the appeal of the room.

If you follow these guidelines you cannot go wrong in selecting the right rug for your new home.

Dining Room-The rug should be large enough to fit the entire table including the chairs. If you have a round table consider a round rug to fit the space.

Living Room/Family Room-There are a few options depending on the size of the room. For larger rooms, use an accent rug to anchor the furniture together.  For smaller rooms, your rug should be big enough to have the couch and chairs go underneath the legs.

Bedrooms-Again there are two options for your bedroom depending on the look and feel you wish to accomplish. One option is to have the rug fit nicely underneath the entire bed with enough space for your feet on either side of the bed.  Or perhaps, you might consider adding a rug to the front side of your bed making it the focal point in your room.

Home Office– For the home office, choose a rug that completely fits underneath both the desk and chair to create a space where you’ll feel comfortable at work.

The Outdoor Room– Experiment with different textures that are made for outdoor use to make the room an ideal space to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Author: Ann

Ann has years of experience in real estate and has a keen sense of the Kingston and area real estate market. From staging a home for selling to using the tools of the trade to find the perfect home for a client, Ann works to make sure that clients are happy with their real estate experience.

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