Before you move…

      1. FIRE INSURANCE: Arrange your fire Insurance coverage so that it comes to effect on the day you take ownership of the house. Generally, it is best to insure the home for its full purchase value.
      2. HYDRO: To arrange your connection, call Utilities Kingston at 613-546-0000 for the meters to be read. You can arrange for the utilities to be functioning for your move day.
      3. GAS: To continue service, contact either Utilities Kingston (see above) or Union Gas at 1-877-969-0999 Make sure you do this a week or so before closing date, so you’ll be comfortable when you move in.
      4. OIL: If the house is heated with oil, the Seller will arrange for a final filling of the fuel tank and the payment of the account. The cost of the fillup will be part of the adjustments your lawyer will make at closing. It is your responsibility to arrange a contract with an oil company once you own your home. It is easiest to continue the contract with the company the previous owners have used. Check with your agent.
      5. TELEPHONE: Contact Bell Canada to arrange for your telephone and related services. They can be reached at 613-310-2355 or on the Net at
      6. CABLE TELEVISION: Call Cogeco Cable to arrange for your service. The number is 1-800-267-9000.
      7. KINGSTON WHIG STANDARD; For home delivery call 613-544- 5000.
      8. MAIL DELIVERY: Go to the Post Office to complete your change of address forms. They also have cards you can send to your friends, advising them of your move.
      9. DRIVER’S LICENSE AND VEHICLE OWNERSHIP: You will need to complete the change of address section on your documents; then take them to 790 Bath Road (tel: 613-389-0521) or mail them in to: The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Ferguson Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Canada, M7A 2A2. You can also contact them through Notify your car insurance company of your change of address.
      10. SCHOOLS: See our link to SCHOOLS on the FOR BUYERS The Limestone District School Board is the public board at 613-544-6920, located at 220 Portsmouth Ave. The separate school board is the Algonquin and Lakeshore Roman Catholic District School Board at 613-548-1792. Queen’s University: 63-533-0020 St. Lawrence Community College: 613-544-5400
      11. MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS Make contacts, ask for referrals….Doctors are few as in most cities these days. If possible keep your present doctor until you have one here.
      12. HOSPITALS The emergency department is at Kingston General Hospital, 76 Stuart St. 613-548-3232 Hotel Dieu Hospital is for children’s treatment, outpatient and minor illnesses – located at 166 Brock St. 613-544-3310. St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital is for long term care. There are also Walk-In Clinics available….
      13. Notify CREDIT CARD COMPANIES of your change of address.
      14. Contact all your BANKING INSTITUTIONS & INSURANCE COMPANIES: car,health, family allowance, life insurance …all need to be updated with your new contact information.