Holiday Traditions Matter

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When you think holiday traditions what comes to mind? Are they important?
With the holidays coming, it is a perfect excuse to start a holiday tradition. It can be anything you think would be fun. Sometimes the best family traditions are the simplest ones. Traditions of any kind give us a sense of belonging not only do they help people keep memories of the past alive, they allow family members to share them with future generations. They bring families together to share what is important to them, and bond with loved ones and their community. Holiday traditions serve as a touch point that family return to year after year, no matter what is planned.

Examples of family traditions that have become popular over time
1. Family Movie Night
2. Board Game Night
3. Birthday Dinners with favourite meal

Holiday Tradition Ideas
1. Watching holiday movies together
2. Decorating the tree with carols playing in the background
3. Holiday skating party with family and friends
4. Decorating gingerbread houses with a group of friends
5. Hosting a holiday cookie exchange
6. Put a new ornament on the tree each year
7. Search out and find the perfect tree.
8. Play secret Santa
9. Add a new village to your holiday collection each year and have the kids decorate the village
10. Mini trees in each child’s room with their own selection of ornaments to come up with the most creative tree.
11. Doing a holiday craft for each year as a family

As you can see the possibilities are endless, with a little planning and imagination you can start your own tradition or create a new one. When we link the present with the past and the future through tradition, we create a sense of stability and order. Christmas traditions are an important element of the family fabric, bringing us together even when our favorite people move far away and at some point begin their own traditions.

dining room table holidaysMay your traditions be celebrated with love, laughter, and hope this holiday season!

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