Moving Day Checklist

One Month Before The Move

  • Start a moving expense book. Some of your expenses may be tax deductible, so be sure to save the receipts.
  • Get written estimates from at least two moving companies and make sure the movers know all the items which are not included. Do not include jewellery or other small valuables.
  • Movers’ insurance is usually minimal and important. Check that the movers’ insurance will pay for replacement cost of goods which are lost. You may need to purchase additional coverage. Notify your own insurance company of the move and ask that your policy be reviewed.
  • If furniture is to be stored, what does the insurance cover?
  • Get a written commitment from the moving company confirming the date of the move, estimate of costs and the time of arrival at delivery point.
  • Ask for references from movers.
  • Don’t be misled by rates – inquire about additional charges and methods used to compute time.
  • Contact provincial health insurance (change of address or change of Province).
  • Notify financial institutions of move & reorder cheques with new address. Get/issue change of address cards from post office.
  • Change delivery address (newspaper, magazines)

Two Weeks Before The Move

  • Notify utilities, telephone, cable & internet of the move and date.
  • Get rid of all junk (garbage, garage sale).
  • If in an apartment, book elevator.
  • Clean out school and club lockers
  • Make a floor plan (we can help) of the new house and plan where everything goes.
  • Remember to return all borrowed items.
  • Prepare a list of everything you will be moving yourself. Mark all these things clearly so the Movers don’t pack them.
  • Dismantle everything that requires dismantling.
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Pack boxes and label room name. Consider packing and transferring kitchen essentials yourself.
  • Label keys and note security code for new people.
  • Go through the house with the packers so they know what they need to do.

Moving In

  • Be at the new house early before the movers; have snacks and drinks for the day. Unpack kitchen essentials.
  • Review floor plan with mover foreman.
  • Direct where each box is to be taken.
  • Ask movers to lay down floor protection mats.
  • Verify all utilities are working.
  • When asked to sign movers’ documents, note near signature — anything damaged in transit and the statement “subject to loss or hidden damage”.

Kingston Home Checklist

  • Home Insurance cancelled
  • Utilities Kingston (water, gas, electricity). Arrange for meters to be read. 1211 John Counter Blvd. Phone 613-546-0000.
  • Oil — Check oil tank level. Tank to be filled prior to move. Buyers will likely arrange for continuing supply contract.
  • Cancel Cable TV service. (Cogeco cable 1-800-267-9000) (or other provider).
  • Computer server provider – is any change necessary?
  • Telephone provider –cancel or change service.
  • Newspaper delivery. Notify providers of final delivery date. (Kingston Whig Standard tel.613-544-5000).
  • Car Ownership & Drivers License — complete the change of address sections on your registration and drivers license forms and mail to the Ontario Ministry of transportation or contact through
  • Don’t forget to notify Car Insurance, Credit card companies, banking institution.